On our chore list this weekend is to flip all (but our tempurpedic) mattresses.  We are also going to vacuum each side of the mattress and wash all our comforters.  I know!  Exciting stuff!  :D  We do two hours of chores EVERY weekend (you can read more about chores in my book SAY IT ONCE The No Bullshit Guide to Parenting).  For one reason, it is an opportunity for my kids to learn how to take care of our home and two I can get a little help taking care of our home.  Have fun on (I mean flipping) your mattress this weekend. XO

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my dusty porch

I love our house.  It's got a beautiful front porch and a cozy side porch David and I sit on every night.  But with leaf blowers, traffic (or street is a little busy), weather, kids etc it gets dusty and dirty so quick.  One of the kids chores on Sunday was to vacuum the porch.  I had them put the extension arm on the vacuum with the soft brush on the end so they didn't scratch or bang anything up.  They vacuumed every nook and cranny, up and down.  The cobwebs, the spiders, the leaves, EVERYTHING is gone.  After wiping down the window sills and front door with a damp cloth (no cleaner), my porch is sparkling like it was freshly painted yesterday. XO