kids teeth

One of our little angels has cavities, lots!  We follow the rules, we take the children to the dentist every 6 months, the kids brush, but still . . . cavities.  After our last visit I thought, 'how can I get these kids to do a better job brushing.'  Me checking on their technique from time to time wasn't doing the trick.  Then I though, what about youtube, haven't people built homes following youtube videos?  Surely, my kids could learn to brush their teeth better.  I pulled up a few videos and have let the kids watch them.  It's been great.  I could actually tell Teddy's teeth were cleaner and Murphy was jacked because she seemed to really understand it.  The great thing with the videos is they use HUGE models of teeth and massive brushes.  It's really easy for kids to understand. Here is one of the videos.