Pet Peeve

My final post of all things regarding kids hygiene . . . dirty jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.  It grosses me out so badly, that one time during the height of the flu season I typed up a note explaining to parents that they can and should wash their children's lunch boxes.  Of course it was anonymous because I was too much of a whimp to sign my name.  I guess the school didn't think it was appropriate so they took it down.  :D  I've never told anyone that, not even David!  Anyway, this weekend clean your child's jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.  And mom's who wear make-up take a peak at the collar of your jackets, is it covered in make-up.  Wash it!  Grab some Oxiclean spray down the collar of jackets, the wrists, the pocket openings, the zipper and any other dirty spots let it sit for an hour and wash on cold.  DO NOT FORGET TO PUT DRYER BALLS IN THE DRYER WITH YOUR DOWN JACKETS!!!  As for lunch boxes, just throw them in the dishwasher.  Yes!  These need to be cleaned.  And backpacks, don't get me started . . . these are the most disgusting of the bunch.  Wash them! OK I'm done yelling at you.  Hugs and Love, Kysa