outdoor lighting

Next time you walk out your door look up.  Look at your exterior light fixture.  Is it covered in a light gray dust? Is the inside is filled with dead bugs? Are there cobwebs around it?  Carefully take down the glass cover and pop it in the dishwasher!  And . . . you might as well change the light bulb while you are up there.  Even if it's not burnt out, change it anyway and use that light bulb for your next interior light that burns out. XO

don't get caught in the cold

It's starting to get chilly outside.  I had our furnace maintenance done last week.  That baby is cleaned, tuned and greased up to (hopefully) keep us warm all winter long.  I would highly recommend you do the same.  Last year we were without our furnace during a week of snow.  When the furnace man came to fix our furnace our power went out.  He couldn't work on the furnace because he couldn't run it without electricity.  It was a chilly couple of days at The Kellehers.