On our chore list this weekend is to flip all (but our tempurpedic) mattresses.  We are also going to vacuum each side of the mattress and wash all our comforters.  I know!  Exciting stuff!  :D  We do two hours of chores EVERY weekend (you can read more about chores in my book SAY IT ONCE The No Bullshit Guide to Parenting).  For one reason, it is an opportunity for my kids to learn how to take care of our home and two I can get a little help taking care of our home.  Have fun on (I mean flipping) your mattress this weekend. XO

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4-ways to organize bedding . . .

How to keep all your bedding organized can be crazy.  At our house there are a lot of beds which equals lots of sheets.  In addition to that, three of our kids have bedding they take to school for nap time.  In total I keep track of bedding for 4 twin beds, 2 pack and plays, 2 cribs, 1 queen bed, 1 king bed and 3 school nap cots!  I haven't added it all up, but that's a lot!  Here are four organization options for your bedding. (And a couple great tricks for baby bedding). Option #1:  A 6-shelf hanging canvas sweater organizer is perfect.  One for pillow cases and one for sheets.  They cost around $12/each.  This is perfect because you can separate sheets and pillow cases very easily.

Option #2:  A low profile basket or tupperware container that can easily slide under each bed is perfect.  Simply store your extra set of sheets under each bed.

Option #3:  The linen closet.  Now these can be awesome, but they can also get overfilled with towels, bedding and medicine very quickly.  If you are tight on storage choose the under bed storage option for bedding and leave the linen closet for extra medicine, toilet paper and other extra bathroom essentials.

Option #4:  Store all your extra linens in the laundry room.  You don't have to carry them anywhere, but from bed to washer or washer to bed.  This is a very simple system.

A couple other great tricks for cribs.

1.  If you have a baby.  Put two mattress protectors on your crib mattress and then the sheet.  Store an extra sheet under the mattress.  If you are caught in the middle of the night having to change sheets it's simple.  Remove the dirty sheet and the dirty mattress protector.  Grab the clean sheet under the mattress and you can quickly fix the bed so your little one can have a clean bed in a jiffy.  Don't forget to put this system back in place before the next nap or bedtime.

2.  If you send bedding to school with your child, make sure it's the same bedding you have at home.  It makes it so much easier for you to know which set is yours and you don't have to worry about which sheet set goes where.  All of my kids have used the same red gingham sheets.  I think I have ten sets of crib sheets.  Our children's school, my kids and myself always know which sheets are ours.

And if you have bedding you are not using.  Donate it!