where's the plug-in

In our world today, everything has to be charged!  Keep a surge protector handy and you can charge everything at once.  If you think you need it, travel with a surge protector so you can easily get your charging done on the plane, at restaurants, the spa, doctors office, anywhere.  David, Ian and a few friends rode their bikes from Portland to Canada a few years ago.  I told them to take a surge protector so they could easily charge their phones at camp sites and other areas.  They said it was the best thing besides bike shorts on their trip.  ;)

refrigerator toothbrush

My husband is known for purchasing a lot of books and phone chargers.  No he doesn't read a lot or give away free phone chargers.  He leaves books in the back of airplane seat pockets and leaves phone chargers scattered around the globe.  A few weeks ago David had to travel with his Multiple Sclerosis medicine because he was gone over the weekend.  He takes a weekly injection on Saturdays. We both knew this was risky, his track isn't great.  He called before he went to bed the first night of his trip and after a while he said, "I'm not sure how to remember my meds (which have to be stored in the refrigerator) when I leave this hotel."  He still had a few days before he was scheduled to take them.  I said, "Put your toothbrush in the refrigerator with your meds.  In the morning when you go to brush your teeth you will have to get your toothbrush out of the refrigerator and you can get your meds at the same time."  This worked perfectly.

pictures + photos + pics

Currently I cannot use my phone because I have too many pictures on it.  Yes, I have uploaded them to our computer, but still deleting a picture of your child to have enough room so I can download an app seems like a crime.  And, yes I could go wait in line at the Verizon store and upgrade my three year old phone, but it still makes calls . . . sometimes.  This is my own problem and one we laugh and discuss at my house often.  The point of my post is pictures.  I uploaded 43 photos to Walgreens website and picked up the printed version that evening for $18.  I told the clerk this service was amazing, made my day, I didn't have to wait on my husband to print the photos for me (I don't have the patience for our home printer), it didn't use up all our ink at home, I was so giddy about it that he backed away a little nervous.  Sorry buddy, I was just excited.

two new websites I like . . .

Old school laundry baskets:  http://www.steelecanvas.com/ Martha Stewarts, American Made.  I am not sure why she has it all on ebay, but she does.  There is a bunch of great stuff made in the USA.  http://www.ebay.com/rpp/martha-stewart-american-made/collection?_trkparms=clkid%3D1960060623419983280

Great gifts, made in Portland, Oregon.  http://www.tannergoods.com/

This is very old San Francisco company, 60 years.  My mother had dishware from here when I was a kid.  I would like to have dishes from here one day too.  They also have other stuff, take a peak.  http://www.heathceramics.com/


a cocktail in a flower vase . . .

The next time you get a bouquet of flowers, which for me is almost every week.  Yep, David is a true romantic and is always bringing me flowers and writing me cute notes . . . I am very lucky.  So when I do get a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I make a quick cocktail in the vase before I put the flowers in.  Huh?  Yes, fill the vase with water and add a shot of vodka to the vase.  Your flowers will stay pretty longer. XO

And you might as well pour yourself a drink too!

be nice

As you know I do not go to the grocery store, I have our groceries delivered.  This sounds fancy, but the delivery charge is only $12.95 and I save hours!  Anyway, the other day I had to go.  As I was getting out of the car with my crew, I saw another women loading up her crew.  She got everyone in and the groceries and then was stranded with the grocery cart.  I offered to take her cart, she acted like I had handed her $100.  She didn't want to leave the cart stranded and she didn't want to leave her kids in the car . . . it was 89 degrees out. So (you know where I am going with this) when you get out the car take a quick peak around and see if you can offer to take someones cart back for them . . . you will make their day!


if you need . . .

MORNING! If you need anything in your house, towels, furniture, bedding, dishes, clothes, etc this is a GREAT weekend to hop on line and order that stuff.  Most websites have great deals!  I have done a little online shopping and found some great deals.

  • Last weekend the hotel I was staying at threw my pillow case into their laundry.  So I went onto Lands End to buy another . . . everything was 25% off.
  • I needed to replenish my under garments, 40% off at the gap.

That's all the shopping I have done, but I have seen deals at Boden, Vineyard Vines, Pottery Barn, etc.  I am sure the list goes on and on.  So if you NEED anything, it's a great time to buy!


We should all have an Emergency Contact List posted in our house.  I remember my mom had one when we were growing up and instead of tucking it away, she put it in a nice frame and hung it on the wall above the phone.  Where ever you decide to have one, is fine . . . just make one.  Show your sitters, kids and guests where it is.  Here is some helpful information for your list . . .

  • your home address
  • parents contact info (work phone, email, cell phone, etc)
  • nearest hospital
  • medical information about your family
  • neighbors names, address and contact numbers
  • emergency contacts (at least 3)
  • children's schools and addresses
  • each children's height, weight, eye color and birth date
  • other information can include; service numbers (yard, plumbing, cleaning, electric, furnace, A/C, appliance repair, water company, electric company, gas company, alarm company, locksmith, etc)

Hopefully you are anybody else NEVER has to use this, but if you do it's 10 minutes very well spent!

I love this . . .

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. —Henry James

I really like this quote and I want to bring more kindness into my life.  Not only because it really feels good to be kind, but to also teach my children kindness.

Have a great day everyone.  And be kind!  XO

Here is a link on how to bring more kindness into your life.  http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Kind



patience . . .

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 4.41.15 AM As you know I am pregnant with number 4.5 and this equation does NOT work out KIDS + PREGNANCY = PATIENCE

With this little bun in the oven I do not have much in the patience tank and it is frustrating.  The smallest things are driving me bonkers!  So I have a new plan and I am going to share it with you.  When one of my little ones gets hurt for the 45th time that morning or someone pushes someone or someone can't find a baby or buckle themselves in the car or is grumpy because they only had 14 hours of sleep I am going to PAUSE and remind myself their age.  I have been doing this and it's been going great.  The PAUSE calms me down and the reminder of their age significantly lowers the bar in the kids favor.  You can even try this on your spouse (if he is a he) . . . pause, remember he is a man and you will automatically lower the bar for him.  HAHAHA.  Sorry Weetie, that was just too funny not to write.

And on another note I just got the bill for this website which means my first anniversary is coming up this summer.  Woo hoo!  Thank you for following and thank you for passing this along to your friends.


The photo above is from http://fergusonvalues.com/2013/03/the-value-of-patience-in-leadership/.


read on . . .

OK so I had to make the title kinda catchy because this subject is SO boring.  This is about your BIG household appliances, furnace, fridge, washer, etc.  We had some exciting drama with our furnace last week and I wanted to share, the riveting story follows.  First I will tell you . . . if you need ANY work on anything (and I mean anything) in your house take 5 minutes, call the manufacturer of your product and ask them to recommend a service provider. Here is my story.  We have been smelling this funny smell from our furnace exhaust pipe (outside) for a bit.  I called A-Temp Heating and Cooling and asked them to come out.  They came out, serviced the furnace and said it should be fine.  Then they called and wanted to come out for free and look at it again.  Weird, but I let them.  Of course on that visit they said the furnace was broken (the secondary heat exchanger was shot) and if I ran it there was a possibility of it putting out carbon monoxide.  He also pointed out the manufacturer would have covered the problem if the furnace was less than 10 years old, but it is 12 years old.  I've had carbon monoxide poisoning, I don't mess around with this!  But, I was kinda irritated that I did not get the CO information on the tech's first visit.  I'm a skeptical person so I called furnace manufacturer (Bryant) and I did not want to buy at new $7,000 furnace!  Very quickly the lady on the phone told me the parts and labor on our furnace would be covered for 20 years and that we should only use a certified Bryant tech on our furnace.  She connected me with the appropriate company, the guy came out that day and gave our furnace a clean bill of health.  Yeah furnace!

Yep, I know a boring topic . . . but helpful information!



plastic bag . . .

Sitting on an airplane is cramped, there are NO two ways about it.  Add with the garbage from drinks and snacks you end up having no room at all.  Your tray ends up filled with drinks and food containers so you can't reach anything in your bag stored under the seat in front of you, OR the pocket in front of you is filled up with garbage so you can't pull your tray down.  Bottom line, it's crammed! Don't worry I have a solution!  Next time you fly bring a kitchen tall, draw string garbage bag with you (one for each leg of your flights).  Just throw your trash in the bag as you go and hand the bag to the flight attendant on your way off the plane.  The bag takes up no room and you won't have to wait or call for a flight attendant to come and get your garbage during the flight!  Trust me this great!


* P.S.  If you are wondering if I had posted about this in the past, I have!  But, I brought garbage bags with me this flight and it was awesome.  The guy sitting next to us was even happy about having a place for his trash too!!


I think this is kinda old school BUT I think it is still important!  Have an emergency contact list posted somewhere in your home for relatives, caretakers or yourself (you never know what will happen to the functionality of your braincells in an emergency).  Here are some key items to include.

  1. Home address.
  2. Your phone numbers.
  3. List of people to contact in case of Emergency.
  4. Neighbors name, number and maybe address.
  5. House information (cleaning person, yard person, furnace repair number, electrician, where the water main in your home is located, alarm company)
  6. Your children's schools and phone numbers
  7. Your preferred hospital.

Type this up.  Keep it somewhere on your computer and then you can change it as you need too.  Have a great day!


if you meal plan . . . read on

If you don't meal plan, STOP HERE.  As you know I meal plan every Saturday and I have our groceries delivered every Sunday night.  I try not to stock up on food, I like to keep just enough to get us through the week.  So every Saturday when I am putting our meal plan together, I take an inventory of the kitchen and try to use up leftovers, bags of pasta, rice, beans, etc.  I know if I don't use things up soon they will get pushed to the back of my cabinet and I will find them after they expire! In case you are curious (which you probably are not).  Next week I am going to use up a 3/4-full bag of dried pinto beans, a huge chicken, zucchini and rice casserole I have in the freezer (when I made the original one, I made two), black beans I made Tuesday to use Wednesday and Friday and froze the leftovers.  You get the point, so climb in your cabinets and pantry and use up what you have!  While you are in there check your expiration dates too!



we haven't done this for a while . . .

It's that time again to pay it forward.  You know the routine (buy the person behind you or in front of you coffee, grab someone's tab at a bar or restaurant, pay for the person's paper towels in the grocery line, drop off a gift card to a friend, secretary or teacher, etc).  You get the point, just do something nice for someone FOR NO REASON!

t-shirts & sweatshirts

Oprah mentioned this in her magazine this month . . . 'Chances are, you wear only what's near the top of your piles of your T-shirts and sweaters.  Put the bottom third of each pile in your donation box.' And remember, the veterans will come right to your house and pick up your donations from your front door.  No extra work for you!  Just call them 1-800-775-8387.