don't be mad

But here is a long list of places we often forget to clean (and cleaning these spots can REALLY make a difference in your home).

  1. All glass wear.  Candle hurricanes, glass sconces, lamp bases, etc.  Because when the sunlight hits, the finger prints and dust show up in seconds.  Don't worry you can put almost everything through the dishwasher.
  2. Dust the top of your door frames.  Get a step stool, damp rag and have at it.
  3. Clean you exterior doors.  Yes, they get very dirty with pollen, finger prints and dust.  Don't use any harsh cleaners.  I use a dry cloth to get the dust off and then a wet rag without cleaner.
  4. Dust your ceiling fans.
  5. Dust your lamp shades.  I need to do this one!
  6. Power wash your exterior cement and concrete surfaces.
  7. Clean all your garbage cans.  You can run the small ones through the dishwasher and the others you can easily was outside using your toilet brush.
  8. Clean all the door knobs in your home.
  9. Wash all your pillows.  You may need to go to a laundry mat.  If you have down pillows make sure you dry them with dryer balls (I use tennis balls) to bring their 'fluff' back.
  10. Spray with an all-purpose cleaner the inside and outside of your washing machine and dryer.
  11. Clean electronics, remote controls, screens (ipads, phones, tv's, comupters) and your computer keyboards.
  12. Clean your outdoor furniture.
  13. And finally clean the filter of your dishwasher.

That should keep you busy.