shower, bath

Scrub, scrub, scrub . . . . we have to teach our children cleanliness.  My children shower every night.  From time to time I pop my head in the shower and make sure they are scrubbing all their pieces and parts.  Recently, I had to re-teach Murphy how to wash her hair.  Her hair has gotten a lot longer and thicker so she really needed to be using more shampoo and conditioner.  Harvey takes a 42 second shower, so I wanted to see how he could possibly wash his body and brush his teeth in that window.  He couldn't!  So we talked about his process.  And if your child is over the age of four they can be doing all their scrubbing, teeth brushing etc them self.  Just teach them how and kick it next to the bathroom with a magazine in case they need any assistance.  You are welcome for taking one more thing of your TO DO list.  ;)