let's do a quick summer clean up

It's practically the weekend.  Go out to where you store you Summer gear.  Coolers, tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves, bike bags, outdoor games, bikes, bike racks and take a quick inventory.  Does everything work?  No, fix it or toss it.  Call Veterans Pick-Up and they will come to your home and take away your stuff.  Clean it.  Did you leave a cooler dirty.  Spray it with an all-purpose cleaner, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe it clean.  I always leave a few paper towels in my coolers to absorb any unwanted moisture.  Bikes.  Do they all work?  Take them in to get them fixed.  Bike racks, ski racks, rocket boxes . . . is everything in working order?  You get the point.  If your gear needs LOVE, or to be tossed do it.  And if you find something needs to be replaced, woo hoo another Christmas present to buy.