As some of you know I like to take a class at least once a year at our Community College.  Let me be very clear.  I'm not getting a second degree, but I like to think of it as some good old lady education.  I've taken a flower arranging class, naturopathic class, woodworking class and drumroll p . . l . . e . . a . . s . . e in the fall I will be taking HIP HOP DANCE.  Yeah, baby, this mama gonna boogie.  It cost me $86 for a eight one-hour classes.  So for 2018, don't worry about loosing weight.  Let's be honest here, if you have been on a perpetual diet your whole life, you are where you are . . . start loving it.  Instead, sign yourself up to learn something that has been on your list for a long, long time.  Don't worry about the kids soccer, they can miss a few practices.  Go do something fun for yourself. H - U - G - S