refrigerator toothbrush

My husband is known for purchasing a lot of books and phone chargers.  No he doesn't read a lot or give away free phone chargers.  He leaves books in the back of airplane seat pockets and leaves phone chargers scattered around the globe.  A few weeks ago David had to travel with his Multiple Sclerosis medicine because he was gone over the weekend.  He takes a weekly injection on Saturdays. We both knew this was risky, his track isn't great.  He called before he went to bed the first night of his trip and after a while he said, "I'm not sure how to remember my meds (which have to be stored in the refrigerator) when I leave this hotel."  He still had a few days before he was scheduled to take them.  I said, "Put your toothbrush in the refrigerator with your meds.  In the morning when you go to brush your teeth you will have to get your toothbrush out of the refrigerator and you can get your meds at the same time."  This worked perfectly.