meal plan . . . this week

Our week is pretty mellow.  David is in town, and he does all the kids driving.  I'm going to sit around and eat Bon Bons and watch Real Housewives.  But, I will be cooking dinner and here's what's on the menu. MONDAY: Smothered Chicken with a yummy romaine lettuce salad.  I am really trying to perfect my 'wing-it' salad dressing skills.  David bought me some new balsamic so I will probably blend that with olive oil, parm, salt, pepper and maybe some roasted red peppers.  Fingers crossed.

TUESDAY:  We didn't BBQ Sunday night.  So we are doing steak tonight.  Two flank steaks is almost enough to feed all of us.  Plus I'm going to try these Tornado Potatoes.  I also bought a bag of pre-cut broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  I've never done this before, but I thought it would be so easy in a pinch.  I'm going to toss the veggies with olive oil, salt, pepper and the herbs left over from Thanksgiving and roast it.

WEDNESDAY:  Time to use the leftover turkey form Thanksgiving.  So tonight we will have Turkey Chili from the Food Network.  I'm going to serve it will all the fixins.

THURSDAY:  I will be busy selling my book at the Saint Thomas Moore School Holiday Bazaar.  If you are in Portland come on by from 5:30PM to 9PM.  The family will be eating Curry Chicken.  I use Trader Joe's Curry sauce with a can of coconut milk, add three chicken breasts to the slow cooker and cook for four hours on HIGH.  I toss in extra veggies when I have them, red peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, cabbage, etc.  I serve it over and rice and that's dinner.

FRIDAY: Osso Bucco and a salad.  Again, I will be at Saint Thomas Moore today selling my book for their Holiday Bazaar so I needed something that would require little work from me.  This seemed like the perfect recipe.

Saturday and Sunday have proved to be useless days for me to meal plan.  Our plans always get in the way of me preparing dinner.  Unless we have planned to have guests over, I don't plan our weekend dinners.  Plus I love taking the kids out to eat.  It's always an adventure.


Happy Cooking - XO