I had coffee with a few friends the other day.  We had a great time.  Hanging out with friends is one of the things in my life that 'fills my cup.'  Yesterday I called a friend with a question about our rowing machine and he said you should call and see if Lora (his wife) wants to have dinner at your house.  So I called up Lora and said, "Do you want to have dinner at my house?"  She said, well, we are busy with this and that, but I want to.  I said, "If you text between 5:00PM and 6:00PM and tell me you are standing on my porch, I will feed you." She said, "If that's the invite, I'll figure it out."  At 5:35PM Harvey looked out the window and there was Lora! This is the stuff we should be adding to our life.  The quick swing-by to a friends for dinner, the yes, let's grab a beer.  A month or so ago a friend called and said, "Come meet me for a drink right now."  I was in the middle of dinner, the kids were running everywhere.  I got dinner to a good spot where it could easily be finished by someone else and I went and had a drink.

Since, I don't write very long posts (and I can't believe I have moved to a third paragraph) I'll get to the point.  All I hear is how much people talk about being busy.  And they say it in a frustrated, irritated way.  It's time to unschedule, down-schedule, say "no" to stuff you don't want to do.  Don't squeeze in stuff you don't need to do.  Squeeze in time with your friends.  Lora, rallying to dinner last night was squeezing in time with her friends.  She was here for a little over an hour.  We ate, we chatted, we tried on clothes, we sat on the floor in my bedroom with the kids playing in the next room, we laughed, her son grabbed a donut put it in a ziplock bag for his brother and they were on their merry way.  This is the stuff we should NEVER be too busy for.