a few things too clean

These are a few things we clean all the time in our home.  School lunch boxes, backpacks and jackets.  All three can go in the washing machine.  Once a week, if not more I put all three in the wash on the cold cycle.  First I zip up all the zippers (this decreases the chance of them breaking), then I spray all the stains with OxiClean, let it sit for an hour or over-night and wash on the cold cycle.  Some key places to spray OxiClean on their jackets; under the wrists (where all of our children wipe their noses), the zipper especially at the bottom, the pocket zippers, and the collar.  The lunch boxes and backpacks NEVER go in the dryer, so make sure you have enough time for them to air dry before their next use.  Our jackets always go in the dryer, I add three tennis balls to get the fluff back into the jackets. In case you are curious what brand of stuff I buy.  The kids have LL Bean backpacks, Teddy's is about five years old and still works and looks great.  Their lunch boxes vary, we have all sorts of brands.  These fall apart because I wash them so much, I have just accepted it.  However, Murphy just suckered me into buying her this lunch box.  She loves it, I thought it was very expensive.  And lastly, our children wear Patagonia jackets.  Yes, they are a bit expensive, but Patagonia stands behind their clothes, so if I have any issues they will deal with it.  I think David and I will have enough jackets to have a King size comforter made for our bed by the time the twins are ten.  No go throw all those dirty lunch boxes, jackets and backpacks in the wash . . . or have one of your kids do it.