Subscriptions are great gifts . . .

These days you can pretty much get a subscription for ANYTHING.  I like giving 'subscription gifts,' because it's the gift that keeps on giving.  And many subscription gifts can be given with the recipients preferences.

  1. magazines
  2. wine of the month
  3. fresh produce
  4. healthy snacks
  5. kids science projects
  6. clothing
  7. beauty
  8. jewelry
  9. books
  10. feminine hygiene (yes, this really is an option)
  11. tea
  12. coffee
  13. candy
  14. socks

You get the point.  You can get lots and lots of gifts in the form of a subscription.  Not that this is really the gift-giving spirit, but in a pinch you could have all your holiday shopping done in no time and be giving gifts through the whole year without lifting a finger.