p.a.n.i.c. & a vinegar bath

At the kids (M, T and H's) old school there is a terrible flu going around.  The children (or parents) are in bed with a fever and aches for 5 days!  We will have to hire in-home care if it strikes to greater than 30% of the Kelleher population. Per my typical protocol I try and get as prepared as possible.  I ordered two breakfast trays, I know I should have had these already.  I bought out everything the acupuncturist had to offer me, stopped by the naturopath and got probiotics and I went to New Seasons and loaded up on anything that said cold & flu.  I'm nuts, but I would rather have it on hand than need it at 3AM.

I also learned a new trick from our wonderful nanny Gerhaldine.  When anyone has a fever, give them a hot bath with a splash of vinegar in the tub (1/2 cup to 1 cup should do the trick).  I have had success knocking out fevers with three kids this past month.