My favorite subject . . . cleaning.

The wind has really picked up in Portland, the leaves are falling everywhere, branches and leaves are all over our yard.  It's beautiful out, but our yard is a constant mess.  Yes, yes, yes of course I have the kids out there working on it . . . two weeks ago we filled 24 yard debris bags. You all know what to do with all the stuff on the ground in your yard, clean it up.  But, you also need to take a walk around the perimeter of your house and fence and cut away any branches.  I cut all shrubs, plants and trees at least a foot away from our home and fence.  This keeps any bugs away from our home and also keeps branches from hitting our house and scratching up our paint.  It doesn't take long, just get out the big pruners.  Start from one corner of your house and walk all the way around trimming ANYTHING away from your home.