remember these . . .

It's time to eat healthy as we gear up for all the holiday treats.  Think about these veggies that we often forget about.

  1. Peas.  Eaten hot or cold.  Remember that 80's bacon, pea, cheddar cheese salad.  This would be great to add to kids lunches.
  2. Artichokes.  For a nice long relaxing dinner.  Serve artichokes it will keep everyone busy as they munch away.  Or make artichoke dip, add spinach and have it for dinner with crackers and fruit.
  3. Spinach & Kale.  I chop these up and add them to EVERYTHING!  Smoothies, eggs, anything in the slow cooker, butter noodles, pesto pasta . . . list goes on and on.
  4. Carrots - Just chop them up and serve them cold with dinner.  And if you want to be creative chop them up so they are as long as straws, your kids will enjoy it!
  5. Cucumbers.  Harvey could eat two whole cucumbers as long as I keep serving them with soy sauce.  Remember that yummy cucumber tea sandwich?  A little mayo and salt, yum.
  6. Beets.  Slice and boil them until they are soft, add some parm and balsamic.  Make sure you let your kids stamp the slices on paper before you boil them.  They will make cool pictures and be more likely to eat them.
  7. Spaghetti squash.  Add butter, pesto or spaghetti sauce.  So good, so healthy.
  8. I'm making a salad for dinner tonight with green beans, broccoli and celery.  I parboiled the beans and broccoli and slice the celery up small.  I'll add a yummy balsamic right before I serve it.  I had to get rid of these veggies to make room in my fridge for the thanksgiving fixings.


Happy healthy eating . . . XO