I'm slacking . . .

Normally I get these posts out by 5:00AM, last Monday I didn't even post.  My sponsors are going to have my throat . . . kidding.  David is my sponsor, I think he'll be OK.  So it's Monday and my plan is to write about cleaning.  I am constantly cleaning.  Seven people live in our house, it get's messy and quick.  To keep things tidy, I NEVER go to bed without doing a once-over on the house.  I start from the basement and do a quick check.  Most of the time this takes twenty minutes and it also gives me a chance to check out our 100 year old house and make sure it's OK.

  1. Basement.  I make sure the pillows are straight on the couch, tv and lights are off, all toys are put away.  In the bathroom, I straighten the towels, refill the toilet paper and flush the toilet.  I check the laundry room to see if any laundry needs to be folded, taken up stairs or run through a cycle.  I glance our desk area and tidy that.
  2. Kitchen.  Run dishwasher, clean counters, empty trash, straighten bathroom, refill toilet paper and go through excess paper work.
  3. Coat closet, dining room and living room.  I start where we enter the house and see if anyone has left anything there, I hang up any coats, put away any shoes and possibly vacuum.
  4. 2nd floor.  The kids are in bed so I stay out of their room, unless I am giving them clean laundry to put away in the morning.  I empty the trash and refill toilet paper.

This may seem like it takes a lot, but it doesn't!  My kids should have left the basement clean, so I rarely pick up toys or clean out desk area.  The laundry is my job so I always have to do that.  The kitchen is generally cleaned after dinner, so this job is lite too.  The coat closet rarely has anyone's stuff, but mine and David's because everyone else puts theirs away.  And when I wake in the morning at 4:00AM my house is spotless.  Ahhhhhh.