time to give

I didn't post yesterday and this one isn't going to make it out by 5:00AM today, oops!  I don't have a plan for what I am going to write about today.  So I will tell you about something a friend and I did last week.  School was cancelled last week on Thursday in Portland.  It was cold here, 35 degrees.  So I packed up the kids and picked up our friend Elizabeth.  We drove through McDonald's drive thru and bought everything they had.  25 egg mcmuffins, 25 apple pies, 25 hash browns and 20 cookies.  Then we drove around Portland and handed out our warm goodies to those who may have slept outside the night before.  People were running to our car.  They were so thankful.  One guy sleeping in a small tent community took our food, put some in his tent and then unzipped his friends tent and handed him some too.  It was a gesture that was very special to see.  I think this cold weather that is covering the country should prompt us all to clean out our warm clothes and donate what we don't use and buy someone a warm cup of coffee.  Stay warm today and help someone else get warm.  XO