don't hold onto it . . .

Don't hold onto things you aren't using.  Please, please, please pass your extras along to someone in greater need.  It's just stuff folks and most likely someone else doesn't have those extras you are hanging onto because you "may" need them someday.  Here are things you should pass along or donate . . .

  1. Extra bedding.  Lots of people don't have a warm place to sleep during the winter months please share your extra sheets, pillows and blankets with those in needs.
  2. Kitchen utensils.  So many folks are getting out on their own and could use your extras . . . utensils, mixing bowls, dishes . . . donate your extra stuff.
  3. Clothing . . . if you haven't worn it in the last year pass it on.
  4. Furniture.  A cluttered home is a messing home.  You do not need six end tables, even if they all have meaning, it's just stuff pass it on.

Have fun donating your stuff.  And remember the Veterans will pick it up on your door step in most locations.