Decorations . . .

So you put all your Halloween stuff away (or you should have)!  And now it's time to think about Turkey.  It's exactly two weeks away so get planning.

  1. Where are you eating?
  2. Are you a guest?  Do you have a hostess gift?
  3. How many are eating?
  4. What are you cooking?
  5. Will you have place cards?
  6. Do you have enough dishes?  Silverware?  Cups?
  7. Is everyone getting their favorite food?
  8. Do you have enough booze?
  9. What is your before dinner plan?  Movie?  Walk?  Shopping?
  10. What is your after dinner plan?  Movie?  Walk?  Football?
  11. What am I missing?

P.S.  I cannot answer any of these questions.  :)  What I do know is we will have Thanksgiving and it will taste good.