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Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 5.48.54 AM You get to hear from me twice today.  We have a little cold snap coming this week and it's early.  It's really early.  For us (Portland, Oregon) it's not that big of deal.  But for the central states it is.  The leaves are still on the trees which allows the trees to accumulate a lot more snow.  The trees can't handle the snow load and the branches are more likely to break, downed power lines, closed streets, etc.  And no one has snow tires on yet so driving is much more dangerous.  For us it just means bundle up and a few other things . . . .

  1. Pull all your hoses off your outdoor bibs.  Drain your hoses if you store them outside.
  2. Cover your bibs with bib covers or a towel and plastic bag.
  3. Winterize your sprinklers.
  4. Bring in all your furniture cushions.
  5. Leave your heat on all day around 67 degrees.
  6. Get some fire wood.

I'm covering our bibs today, this is not a big job.  Our sprinklers on the other hand have not been winterized (normally we are on a list and it just gets done).  I looked online to do this myself and Harvey and I may have a go at it today.  If you live around here and see me in the yard screaming at the ground . . . you'll know why.