pictures + photos + pics

Currently I cannot use my phone because I have too many pictures on it.  Yes, I have uploaded them to our computer, but still deleting a picture of your child to have enough room so I can download an app seems like a crime.  And, yes I could go wait in line at the Verizon store and upgrade my three year old phone, but it still makes calls . . . sometimes.  This is my own problem and one we laugh and discuss at my house often.  The point of my post is pictures.  I uploaded 43 photos to Walgreens website and picked up the printed version that evening for $18.  I told the clerk this service was amazing, made my day, I didn't have to wait on my husband to print the photos for me (I don't have the patience for our home printer), it didn't use up all our ink at home, I was so giddy about it that he backed away a little nervous.  Sorry buddy, I was just excited.