Oh kids . . .

Yesterday before dinner there was some heavy clean-up to be done in our house.  Picasso had 'her' way with the basement.  And Teddy had Murphy and Harvey in baby forts in his room after that.  Murphy cleaned up the basement and was quite a little machine running masterpieces up and down the stairs to me, putting everything back in drawers, cabinets etc.  When it was time for her and Teddy to march up to his room (Harvey needed a little time to himself) the cleaning started right away followed by the screaming.  I was trying to get dinner ready and fast, my team was melting down because of the time change, but I knew I had to head up stairs to help.  I felt seven different emotions on the way up the stairs . . .

  1. Irritated, I was going to burn tenderloin.
  2. Tired, this was my 50th time in my referee shirt today.
  3. Mad, just clean it up!
  4. Happy, I wasn't screaming at them yet . . . I smiled.
  5. The smiled calmed me down.
  6. I started thinking . . . and climbing the stairs slower.
  7. And it came to me.

Mostly likely no one was doing anything wrong.  Murphy had just mastered cleaning up the basement and I knew she was in cleaning mode.  And Teddy is pretty particular about his room.  So I thought rather than someone not doing their job neither was doing their job the way they thought the other person should be doing it.  And sure enough that was their complaint.  Ahhhh . . . I gave them both separate jobs.  Murphy was in charge of putting away her stuff.  Teddy could tidy up his room.  Bliss.  They came down 10 minutes later proud of their work and ready for dinner.