kids and $$$$

There are so many schools of thought on how to teach your kids about money, it can kinda be overwhelming.  I go back and forth about how to teach it and since I flip flop on the topic I try to keep it all simple.  The other day Teddy could donate $2 to the school fundraiser and would be able to participate in 'free dress' and not wear his uniform.  I use to give Ian $2 for this every time. I decided to spin it a little different for Teddy.  I told him he could dig $2 out of his piggy bank for the school fundraiser and not wear his uniform.  Or he could wear his uniform for free.  He chose to wear his uniform for free. Yes, yes, yes . . . I realize I missed the opportunity to teach Teddy about giving back.  But, if Teddy doesn't have any money when he is older because I failed to teach him any lessons about money he won't have any to give back.