don't get your kids so worked up . . .

Sometimes saying less is the best option.  All four of our children started four different schools this year.  We just didn't really talk about it.  A few days before school we got school supplies and the day before school we packed up backpacks.  All four kids went to their new schools without a tear in sight.  I'd say we are lucky, I know we are.  But I would also say that since we did not talk about it much it did not create unneeded and unwanted stress.  We did not put any thoughts into our kids head, instead we spent the end of the summer enjoying the end of the summer.  We talked about school AFTER it started. I think this lesson goes for anything new your child is going to have the opportunity to experience.  There really is little if not, ZERO NEED to discuss something new your child is going to experience.  No need to fill your child with thoughts about how great it will be.  No need to do a test run of tennis lessons!  Our children are famous for finding ways to disagree with us.  So think about how great you tell your child tennis lessons are going to be, they can think of 1,001 reasons why it's not going to be great.  So just let it be folks.  Let your child experience something for themselves the first time.  And if your child shows up to their tennis lesson and they are scared or nervous or screaming, give them a hug and let the instructor deal with it.  Your child will be OK.  You paid a lot of money, go get a latte and let your child scream to the tennis instructor.  Think about it the instructor probably has more mileage dealing with screaming kids on their court then you do!  Sure you know your kid, but these are learning moments folks.  These are what you have trained your kids to succeed at.  Let them succeed, let them live, let them experience.  It's OK if life ain't great all the time, life is happening and we are growing and we are experiencing and we are learning.  I say let your kids suffer a bit.  Let them try out something new without a full court press of experiencing it before it happens.  Just let it be.  We don't get to go on a job interview with our future boss once to try it out and the second time for the real interview.  So zip it moms and dads . . . let your kids live.

P.S.  If it sounds mean to leave your child kicking and screaming with someone else . . . think about how much you have probably left your kid alone kicking, screaming and crying at home.  Your children know how to do this, they are pros.  And this time you are leaving them with a trained and paid supervisor.  They will be OK!