independence . . .

Give your child the opportunity to be independent!  They will improve their confidence!  And take chores off your hands. TODDLERS . . .

  1. Purchase shoes and clothing they can put on themselves.
  2. Place stools all over the house so they can reach light switches, toys, books, jackets, etc.
  3. Let them put their toast in the toaster.
  4. Let them butter their own bread.
  5. Have them put their clothes away.
  6. Let them help you pack lunches.
  7. Have them carry their own school bag.
  8. Give them chores.
  9. Give them allowance.
  10. Let them choose their own haircut and color.

KIDS . . .

  1. All of the above and  . . .
  2. Let them pick their own after school activity.
  3. Let them do their own homework . . . ALONE.
  4. Let them call their friends to organize play dates.
  5. Let them plan their birthdays.
  6. Let them choose whats for dinner and help cook . . . once in a while.
  7. Let them order their food at restaurants.

TWEENS . . .

  1. All of the above and . . .
  2. Let them be.
  3. Celebrate their independent thoughts.
  4. Celebrate their choices.
  5. Give them choices.
  6. Get them a phone, just give it with rules.
  7. Have them discuss issues with their teachers on their own.


TEENS . . .

  1. All of the above.
  2. Have them pay for the their phone.
  3. Let them screw up.
  4. Let them date.
  5. Let them be in a bad mood.

Please share your idea for letting your kids be independent.  You can share you ideas with me via email: or I am finally on Facebook