a disposable cup . . .

Ladies and gentlemen - Keep a stack of these babies in your car and you will think how did I EVER live without.  Here's why?

  1. Your kids are hungry.  If you buy individual packs of pretzels or peanuts it will cost you $10.  If you buy one huge bag, divide the contents into the cups you keep in your car, you saved yourself $8.  And the possibly of a HUGE spill from passing the big bag around is gone.
  2. Your kids are thirsty.  I always have water in the car, but it's a huge jug.  Not a kid friendly jug.  I pull out one of my disposable cups, and share my water!
  3. You find a drinking fountain that barely works, you got cups handy.  Fill those babies up.
  4. You stop for ice cream.  You decide to hop in the car before everyone has finished their cone.  The kid in the third row says they don't want anymore (oh and I failed to mention it's 95 degrees out).  Throw the cone in the cup, zero mess!
  5. You run out of windshield wiper cleaner on a road trip.  You buy a jug at the gas station.  You can easily pour it in with your cup.
  6. You go to the beach and don't have the perfect sand castle building set.  No worries, you got something better, you have cups!  Go ahead and drink the ocean water kids, cuz mom brought cups!

I am sure there are a lot of other uses for keeping disposal cups in your car.  If you think of something fantastic please share!