complaining . . .

We all complain (expect my husband, but that's another story).  Some of us are good complainers, we make a simple constructive complaint, "the traffic sucks" and we move on.  Others of us complain and then add in the poor me and then complain some more about this and about that and go on and on and on.  I think those people are poisoning their life. A while ago we got back from a vacation and the kids were really struggling with the time change, the long flight and getting back into the routine of home life.  I was constantly telling myself how difficult the kids were and I was annoyed with everything (it wasn't PMS).  This went on for a few days and I really was tired of being a parent.  But then I noticed the kids weren't really being too tough it was me constantly complaining in my head about the little tiny things they were doing.  They were really just being kids going through a transition.  I quit complaining to myself and instantly the kids were great.  So I really do believe my tiny little voice in my head was poising my thoughts.  It was making things so much more difficult than they were.

So go ahead and complain folks.  Just say your complaint once and move along.  Don't wallow in it, don't drum it up in your head to make it worse.  If it's in the past . . . MOVE ON.  If it's in the future, change it.  If it's in the present, roll up your pants and deal . . . it should be over soon.  But, don't complain so much that you twist your mind up to make things worse than they are.  That's no fun!