menu plan . . . bringin' it back, kinda

Hola.  A friend of mine said her and her husband loved my meal planning.  And I love meal planning, but posting it was another story.  Often times it took me up to two hours to post our meal plan for the week.  I love blogging, and I do have a lot of time on my hands, but typing up recipes isn't how I want to use it.  So here is my compromise.  I'll post our meal plan every Friday like I use to, but without the recipes.  If you want a recipe, I will send it to you.  Just send me a comment, they are all sent directly to my email and I will send you the recipe.  Easy Peasy!

MONDAY:  Chicken Marbella, green salad with fresh beets and pretzel rolls.
TUESDAY:  I'm taking the crew to Ski Bowl for the day so we will probably eat something on the road.
WEDNESDAY: (date night) burritos with refried beans, shredded cheese and iceberg and a side of fruit.
THURSDAY:  I'm not sure.  We are having a large crowd for dinner, I have to figure this out.
FRIDAY:  Slow cooker black bean soup with avocado and sourdough rolls.
SATURDAY:  We have two parties, I'm just feeding the kids there.
SUNDAY:  Flank steak, mashed potatoes and green salad.