calm . . .

My husband carried our daughter out of a Bridgeport Brewery in front of my old boss and two guys I use to work with.  Did I forget to mention she was kicking and screaming in a princess dress, light up shoes, carrying a Hello Kitty purse and with a flower barrette the size of her head in her hair.  First I was mad because I just wanted to enjoy the guys from work, I don't miss working but I REALLY MISS MY OLD JOB.  Then I thought screw it. Earlier when I was loading the crew up to head to dinner, I knew it wasn't going to go well.  Murphy had four tantrums in the 30 minutes before we left.  Since we got home from a two week vacation of sunshine, candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no bedtimes there has been a tantrum at every transition of our day.  My husband had been out of town most of the week and I fired our nanny before we left for our vacation.  I've been solo.  For the most part I have kept my cool.  And that night I kept my cool too.  Instead of taking one for the team and leaving with Murphy I asked David to take her and Teddy to their last day of camp party, I ordered another drink and relaxed with my old friends from work.

Screw it.  You don't always have to get involved.  You don't always have to 'parent' your kids.  Sometimes you can just pass the buck.  I felt a little bit guilty, but I got over it quickly as that vodka tonic slid down my throat.  Bad mommy!  HAHAHAHA