getting ready for school . . .

But it's close.  School is about three weeks away.  For us High School soccer starts next week and then two weeks after that we start dropping off school supplies and doing school visits.  So I am getting ready.  I have our school supply lists ready to go shopping.  I bring the kids school supply shopping with me, I always have.  I think the kiddos should see and experience that sometimes we have to drive to three stores to get the right brand of glue stick.  And if you can do it, TAKE ONLY ONE CHILD SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING AT A TIME!  Here are a few other things I am getting ready . . .

  1. Uniforms have been ordered.
  2. As for school clothes, I do not buy ANY school clothes until school starts.  Let your kids see what the other kids are wearing, see what the vibe is in their class.  Unless it's a school supply or uniform it's bought AFTER the first day of school in our home!
  3. Shoes, except for winter boots everyone has at least one pair of shoes that fit.
  4. Backpacks . . . they are all in working order.  I don't buy our kids a new backpack every year.  If their backpack works, they use it.  If they want (not need) a new one they can purchase it with their own money.
  5. Lunch boxes.  Ours are trashed.  We need a new system . . . I am on the hunt.
  6. Carpools.  Start thinking about them now.  I found a high school girl to drive our freshman to high school and I will get the other three to school myself.
  7. Check out the blogs for your kids classroom, stock away the classroom directories and put all the passwords to log into everything in a good spot.
  8. This is to Val . . . don't volunteer to much at school!  Someone else will always pick up the slack.  LET'S DO YOGA!