I just don't understand . . .


  1. Not returning phones calls.
  2. Not responding to emails.
  3. Not responding to text messages.
  4. Not sending an RSVP for an invitation.

Can someone please explain where this all became appropriate?!  99.999% of people on this planet would not walk away or ignore someone engaging in a conversation with you.  Email, texts, phone calls and RSVP's should be no different.  These forms of communication should not be ignored.  Imagine someone standing in front of you and saying would you like to go get beers?  Instead of responding you simply walk away.  I think not responding phone calls, emails, text messages and invitations is no different.  We all carry our phones with us 98% of the time, we all have two seconds here or there to respond.  So folks let's gather together and start responding to our friends and family . . . . return the phone call (even if it's via text), respond to emails, respond to text message and RSVP to parties (you wanna make sure the host has enough vino for EVERYONE).