surge protector . . . kinda boring

This might seem kinda boring to all of you.  But just read on . . . you might like this idea!  My husband, Ian, three other dads and three sons all road their bikes from our driveway in Portland, Oregon to Vancouver Canada . . . yes on bikes.  While David was packing I was racking my brain with little ideas to help them get organized.  And viola, a surge protector to charge all eight phones and numerous ipads!  I said, "Weetie I think you should take a surge protector to charge all of your phones and ipads."  He rolled his eyes and walked away.  As per usual I wasn't backing down.  I followed him around until he agreed to take the surge protector with him on his bike journey.  Guess what, they have used that surge protector at every restaurant and camp site.  They loved the surge protector.  So the next time you are riding your bike 400 miles take a surge protector to plug in your electronics.  Or take one with you anytime you leave home and think you may need to charge more than a few phones. XO