lazy . . .

This is a long story by my standards, but just read it! This past weekend I got into my old car, it smelled like rotten milk and carmel or something had dripped down the side and there were cheezits all over the floor.  My car had been driven by those who will remain nameless with four passengers to float the John Day.  I was told the car was going to be cleaned for me.  I thought it best not to wait for that to happen.

So I rallied up my workers (Harvey and Murphy, ages 2 and 3).  I gave them sponges, dish soap, a hose and the rubber mats from inside the car.  I put on their swim suits and told them to scrub.  While they scrubbed I vacuumed and cleaned and vacuumed some more.  I was all done vacuuming and it was time to really get into the nitty gritty corners of the car.  I put the vacuum away and started scrubbing.  I was done with cleaning the car, but needed to clean out the center console, no big deal.  I cleaned out all the junk and discovered it needed to be vacuumed too!  But . . . I already put the vacuum away, and it was lunch time and the groceries were about to be delivered and nap time was quickly approaching and the two mat scrubbers were starting to fight.  I did not want to get the vacuum back out (from the basement) to clean out the center console, but it needed it so bad.  But I did not want to go get the vacuum.  But, I knew I would be so irritated to go through all the hassle of cleaning the car and not complete the entire job, in short I was being lazy.  But I rallied and took the 30 seconds to grab the vacuum, plug it back in, drag it around to the side of the car (mind you the kids had really started in on each other), but I ignored them like any good mom and vacuumed out that center console.  And as stupid as it sounds I was so happy I completed the job.

If you think about the amount of time we sometimes spend thinking about how much we DO NOT want to do something, it is generally the amount of time it takes to get the job done.  So just do it!