book party . . .

Do you ever see your kids in need of some down time and you don't want to turn on the tv for them?  Have a book party.  Tell them to go round up all their favorite books around the house.  Have them bring them where ever you want them to be OR where ever they want to be.  Or if you thinking rounding up the books is too much work for them, then you round up the books.  Once you have all the books let your children flip and peruse the books at their own speed. No this is not a time for you to read them 20 books.  You might need to do a little training here.  Don't tell them you aren't going to read to them, they will only sit their and beg you to read.  Instead help them discover the pictures and colors.  Get them started.

I have done this for a few years with our kids and they love running around the house gathering books.  It takes them a good 20 minutes.  And then they plop down and start flipping pages.  It's great.  I think this is teaching them an appreciation for books, who know?!  I just know they enjoy it!