packing . . .

Have you ever seen those packing travel cubes for your clothing?  I think Eagle Creek was the first brand to come up with them and now IKEA carries a similar (but not as durable product).  If you travel with or without kids these things are a must! Right now our kids clothes are so small they can travel for a week with just two of the large travel cubes.    And it makes it very easy for me to pack them all into one bag for our travel.  When we get to our destination I just hand each kid their cube and they can unpack themselves.  I have also set David up for his river trips with the boys.  They each pack one of the cubes with their clothes and throw that in their dry bag.  It's great for them because their clothes don't get mixed up.  As for me I like to separate all my clothes into different cubes.

Just buy one set (the good ones) at REI and see what you think.  Or call me up and you can borrow mine, I think I have 10-15 cubes!