As you know . . .

I just got back from a week at the beach with our kids.  My original plan was to round a bunch of mom's and kiddos and head to the beach for a week and then our hard working husbands would join us on the weekend.  I had two AWESOME friends rally for the occasions. I won't go on and on bragging about the weather, the food, the kids, the relaxation, crabbing, running in the woods, pizza on the beach, etc.  What I will tell you is that if you can plan a getaway with just you and your kids.  Not to go visit friends or family, but just you.  Where you don't have housework, breakfast, lunch and dinner don't have to be fully prepared (pretzels and peanut butter for breakfast won't kill them), you don't have a schedule and your email kinda works.  Where your todo list consists of getting out the watercolors for the kids and Vogue for yourself for two hours.  Or just getting sandy with your kids building on the beach.  You will be amazed and overjoyed to find long, long periods of enjoying your kids.  Not the short snipits that we often barely see.

So call up your friend who has a second house somewhere great, pack up the family truckster and just go kick it.  And by the way the house I rented wasn't cheap, but I packed all our food and only spent $100 dollars the entire week on crabbing.  Pretty amazing!