June 16th - 20th . . . a week of easy

A few months ago I planned a week at the beach for Mamas and kiddos.  The plan is for the moms to co-parent the kids, cook meals together, hang out together and relax.  So today I am off to the beach with another mom and her kids.  We are going to kick back with our kids, play on the beach, go crabbing, cook meals together and just hang out.  Our husbands are coming at the end of the week to enjoy the weekend with us.  So this is my week of easy . . . I'll be enjoying myself so please do the same. Here is my little MONDAY suggestion to kick off the first week of easy!  Hop in bed early tonight.  Yes 8:00PM is OK!  Trust me your body, mind, kids and partner will thank you!  My kids will be going to bed around 7:00PM.  I will probably stay up to watch the sun set over the ocean and then tuck myself in with a good magazine.