kids art work . . .

Have you even been caught throwing away your kids artwork?  I have!  I average 20 pieces of art from the kids school a week and then probably 50 projects a week at home.  It's a lot, and like any good mommy I want to keep it all.  But, like any good mommy I wonder where in the hell am I going to put it all.  I have three ways to manage art projects . . . 1.  I let the kids put anything and everything up on the walls in their rooms.  No my children's rooms will NOT be photographed for a Land of Nod advertisement, but my kids are happy.  And they can tell you a story about each piece and where they made and how, etc, etc.

2.  I have noticed the kids tend to stick to themes for a while, Murphy has been drawing this rainbow pattern for a while and before that is was smiley faces.  So I have taped one of each of those in her scrapbook.

3.  The rest is picked up once a week by a large green truck outside our house.  And that my friends is a big Mommy to Mommy secret!

Another option is  You an send all of your children's art to this company and they will photo copy and bind it in books for you.  This is great for gifts!  I have not done this.  I would rather get my act together with our photos!