thank you . . .

Teddy and I were chatting last night about his gym teacher (Mr. Z).  Mr. Z was not at the Pre-K graduation yesterday and Teddy was disappointed.  Apparently Mr. Z is very funny and has a fun gym class.  I told Teddy we should write Mr. Z and note and tell him why he is a great teacher and thank him for a great year.  Teddy loved the idea and it's on our TO DO list for the weekend. And then it got me thinking, why not sit down and thank all the teachers (normally I get them a gift card).  Yes, it's a lot.  But, think about what these people endure and do . . . they raise our children for us Monday - Friday from after breakfast until 3:00ish!

Each one of our kids teachers have gone way beyond the call of duty for our kids and they need to know that it makes a difference and we appreciate it.  A quick example; Ian's teacher took him aside last week and among other things told him he could be ANYTHING he wanted to be.  David and I found out, because Ian told David.  Ian was so proud, so proud.  I'd like to thank the person who makes my child feel that way, wouldn't you?!