don't cut the crust off your kids PB sandwich . . .

Do you ever wonder how it started that a child or anyone for that matter doesn't like crust on their sandwich??  I don't get it, the crust tastes the same as the bread and for the most part it has all the gooey stuff on the inside of the sandwich on it.  I can understand people not liking pizza crust because it is missing all the yummy toppings.  But sandwich crust, come on!  Someone needed to say "NO" a long time ago and not cut the kids crust off their sandwich.  Just say, "I'm sorry, the crust comes with the bread."  That's the end of the story folks, no need to do any extra work just leave the crust on.  This leads me to a lot of other "FIRSTS" we as parents should just say NO to.

  1. No wearing underwear.  I have heard of kids who don't like wearing underwear.  I know some adults don't like to wear underwear either, that's fine (kinda).  But kids should wear underwear and someone should have just said, "I'm sorry we wear underwear between our bodies and our clothes."  And when your kiddo complains about wearing underwear, tell them you are sorry but you know their body will soon get use to it.  If you nip this one in the beginning it's will not be an issue.
  2. A kid has to have a particular utensil or cup to eat with.  Don't start this madness!  Just say, oops I'm sorry that isn't available right now.  Yes, you will get the screams and rants, but ignore them it's OK for your child to be upset.  Your child may go on a starvation diet until they get what they want, they won't last on their diet.  Kids don't like hunger!  Do not loose this battle.  Add ten years to your kids life and replace drugs for the utensils.

I think you get the point.  If what your child is asking for is a little ridiculous and giving you extra work, it's OK to say "NO."  And if you are not sure, just ask yourself if you have these needs.  Do you have to eat with the same utensil every night?  Etc, etc.  It's OK for your kiddo to be upset.  It's OK for your kiddo to feel uncomfortable.  Life is tough and if you can dose out a few (or a lot) of hardships at home with love and support your child will be a better person for it.  And . . . drumroll please . . . in the long run it will make parenting easier.

But!  Remember you need to dish all this out with love, compassion and lots of I'm sorry's!  It goes like this, "I'm sorry we don't have your Hello Kitty fork (hug).  Here's the fork you can eat your dinner with tonight (hug).  Please go sit at the table (hug)."  If the screaming happens at the table, you may have to remove your kiddo from the meal and say, "I'm sorry you are choosing to be loud because you are upset, please leave the table and come back if you can sit and chat quietly."  Give your little one lots of love, you are helping them break a habit that you help create, and it's hard to break habits.