I didn't realize . . .

I thought I would take two weeks off, but I already had a post scheduled for yesterday morning.  So I am going to keep on posting and quit my two week vacation.  However, don't be surprised if you read a few repeats . . . I may post some of my favorites during the next two weeks. As you may know or have realized I post about random things on Tuesdays.  This past Saturday we had a birthday party for our son Teddy.  I rented the place four months ago.  About six weeks before the party I sent out an evite with all the usual information for a party.  BUT, I put the wrong times for the party.  I wrote the party ended at the 4:30, but really I only had the venue rented until 4:00.  When I first figured it out I was frantic.  "Should I send out a message to all the guests and let them know the party is ending 30 minutes early?"  "Should I try and rent the party venue 30 minutes longer?"  And then I thought . . . who cares.  I didn't send out a message, I didn't rent the venue longer I just let it slide.  It was such an enlightening little moment for me.

I don't have to have things perfect, but I like when things are pretty darn close.  And this 30 minute mistake was no exception.  But when I thought about the big picture, I thought this really won't make a huge difference for anyone.  Of course, the parents who were dropping their kids off I told them about the mistake and offered to bring their kids home for them.  Other than that I had a good laugh with a friend at the party about it.  She has had some major changes in her life (not good ones) and she said she has let a lot go lately and it has been the most stress-reducing discovery for her.

You always hear it and I have to say it was very true for me on Saturday . . . DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!