We should all have an Emergency Contact List posted in our house.  I remember my mom had one when we were growing up and instead of tucking it away, she put it in a nice frame and hung it on the wall above the phone.  Where ever you decide to have one, is fine . . . just make one.  Show your sitters, kids and guests where it is.  Here is some helpful information for your list . . .

  • your home address
  • parents contact info (work phone, email, cell phone, etc)
  • nearest hospital
  • medical information about your family
  • neighbors names, address and contact numbers
  • emergency contacts (at least 3)
  • children's schools and addresses
  • each children's height, weight, eye color and birth date
  • other information can include; service numbers (yard, plumbing, cleaning, electric, furnace, A/C, appliance repair, water company, electric company, gas company, alarm company, locksmith, etc)

Hopefully you are anybody else NEVER has to use this, but if you do it's 10 minutes very well spent!