forget . . . "can you"

Morning!  I'm writing about kids today even through it's Thursday.  This is short and sweet!  When you ask ANYONE (especially kids) to do something, leave out the 'CAN YOU' portion in the beginning of your question and replace it with 'PLEASE.' INSTEAD OF SAYING, "Can you go put your shoes on?"  Say, "Please go put your shoes on."  This seems like a nuance, but it's not!  "Can you" gives the person being asked the question an out because it's a question asking if they "can" or if they "will" do something.

This little trick can be used anywhere in your life, but it is really handy with kids and other family members.  It's kind of weird at first and also hard to remember, but once you start getting the hang of it you will see a nice, efficient change in your home and other areas of your life.

So leave out the "Can you" and start saying "Please."