spring-summer closet . . .

Happy late morning!  Around these parts we saw the sun for a couple days, our kids even put on sunscreen!  It's that wonderful time of year where we can store away our winter clothes and dig out the flip flops, shorts and dresses. If you aren't one to rotate your wardrobe 1) because you don't think you have enough clothes or 2) because you don't have any place to put them . . . think again!

It's less work to rotate your wardrobe if you don't have separate storage.  Here's how . . .

  1. Move your winter clothing to the back of your hanging rack.  And the summer/spring clothes to the front.
  2. Rotate your wool sweaters to the bottom of pile and put your spring sweaters on top.
  3. Put your wool socks to the back of drawer.
  4. Bag up your hats and gloves into ANYTHING (garbage sack, paper sack, etc) and just store them right in the closet.
  5. Rotate your long underwear with your swim suits and cover ups.
  6. Pull out your flip flops and sandals.  Throw away sandals that look too tattered (EVEN IF THEY ARE YOUR FAVORITES) . . . go shopping!
  7. Store your winter jackets, but keep out your rain coats.  Either rotate them to the back of the closet or store them under your bed.

For those of you with lots of extra storage, you probably have this program down to a science.  So follow the above advice, but everything goes in to your winter closet.

Basically the goal is to move out the 'cold clothing' so you can easily find your summer clothes.  And . . . you can remember what you have to wear and what you may 'need' to go buy.

So go ahead ladies and gents do the winter TO summer/spring rotation in your closet.  It will put a smile on your face to see those bright colors . . . even if it is raining in Portland today.


P.S.  A few other things to dig up around your house to get you ready for summer . . . 

  1. summer hats
  2. sunscreen
  3. sunglasses
  4. yard tools
  5. charcoal
  6. BBQ tools
  7. beach towels
  8. water balloons
  9. Otter Pops
  10. sprinklers

The list goes ON and ON and the more I keep writing the bigger the smile gets on my face!