chiffonier, bureau, highboy, dresser, cabinet, wardrobe . . . etc

Last night Teddy had every single drawer in his dresser pulled open.  He was so proud.  And I was so happy that I drilled both his dressers to the floor so I don't have to worry about him having all of the drawers open or him climbing his dresser and it tipping on top of him. Not to freak you out, but to make you aware.  This is actually a big cause for injury and death for little ones.  This website is dedicated to raising awareness because this mother lost her little one when their dresser toppled on her.  If you are interested here is the website

I have used "L-shaped" brackets to bolt the kids dressers to the floor.  As I was working on this project I realize you could probably go nuts with this.  But, I tried to stay calm and I just bolted down dressers, a few shelves and a doll house.  I just bolted the bracket right into our beautiful floor, it was an easy debate in my head . . . wreck the floor or wreck the kid.  I drilled a holes in the floor and furniture.  Here is a picture of what I used.  There are A LOT of straps and other things you can purchase, but with our plaster walls I wasn't quite sure how to mount those things.  So I had to go with the floor mount, but I could not pull the dressers over with my weight.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 4.41.07 AM


You don't have to totally freak out about this, but do consider some way to mount heavy furniture.  As you know little ones will figure out ANY method to climb on to something ESPECIALLY to get something they "need."

Looking out for all of you and your kiddos.  XO