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OK so I had to make the title kinda catchy because this subject is SO boring.  This is about your BIG household appliances, furnace, fridge, washer, etc.  We had some exciting drama with our furnace last week and I wanted to share, the riveting story follows.  First I will tell you . . . if you need ANY work on anything (and I mean anything) in your house take 5 minutes, call the manufacturer of your product and ask them to recommend a service provider. Here is my story.  We have been smelling this funny smell from our furnace exhaust pipe (outside) for a bit.  I called A-Temp Heating and Cooling and asked them to come out.  They came out, serviced the furnace and said it should be fine.  Then they called and wanted to come out for free and look at it again.  Weird, but I let them.  Of course on that visit they said the furnace was broken (the secondary heat exchanger was shot) and if I ran it there was a possibility of it putting out carbon monoxide.  He also pointed out the manufacturer would have covered the problem if the furnace was less than 10 years old, but it is 12 years old.  I've had carbon monoxide poisoning, I don't mess around with this!  But, I was kinda irritated that I did not get the CO information on the tech's first visit.  I'm a skeptical person so I called furnace manufacturer (Bryant) and I did not want to buy at new $7,000 furnace!  Very quickly the lady on the phone told me the parts and labor on our furnace would be covered for 20 years and that we should only use a certified Bryant tech on our furnace.  She connected me with the appropriate company, the guy came out that day and gave our furnace a clean bill of health.  Yeah furnace!

Yep, I know a boring topic . . . but helpful information!