plastic bag . . .

Sitting on an airplane is cramped, there are NO two ways about it.  Add with the garbage from drinks and snacks you end up having no room at all.  Your tray ends up filled with drinks and food containers so you can't reach anything in your bag stored under the seat in front of you, OR the pocket in front of you is filled up with garbage so you can't pull your tray down.  Bottom line, it's crammed! Don't worry I have a solution!  Next time you fly bring a kitchen tall, draw string garbage bag with you (one for each leg of your flights).  Just throw your trash in the bag as you go and hand the bag to the flight attendant on your way off the plane.  The bag takes up no room and you won't have to wait or call for a flight attendant to come and get your garbage during the flight!  Trust me this great!


* P.S.  If you are wondering if I had posted about this in the past, I have!  But, I brought garbage bags with me this flight and it was awesome.  The guy sitting next to us was even happy about having a place for his trash too!!